The history of the group of companies "Brewery house" Bavaria " dates back to 1994. Then, in Vladikavkaz on the street tsalikova 25, was opened a small brewery. Mini-plant produced a day about 700 liters of beer of three varieties: Bavarian light, dark and dark. Production was not mechanized, so the drink was almost handmade. Beer was of exceptional quality and the company quickly mastered the local market. The high demand for" Bavarian " beer caused the need to expand production.

In 2003, the company "Bavaria "signed a contract with the famous Hungarian company" Agrometal " for the purchase of new equipment for the production of beer. In a short time, all technological equipment, semi-automatic beer bottling lines in kegs, as well as equipment for the production of "cold" and compressed air were installed. Thanks to modern technology, it was possible to increase production by five times, but at the same time to maintain impeccable taste.

In 2007, under the brand "Bavaria" began to produce a series of soft drinks. For this purpose, the company purchased the bottling line of the Italian company "Sacmi".

Today, the group of companies "Brewery house" Bavaria "includes three steadily developing enterprises: LLC "AGROFIRMA FAT", LLC" FAT-AGRO " и LLC"restaurants BAVARIA". Each enterprise covers various spheres of production, agriculture and restaurant business.

High quality products under the brand name "Bavaria" marked by numerous medals and diplomas at national and international competitions and exhibitions. When developing new products, our specialists actively cooperate with domestic and foreign research institutes and centers.

Consistently high quality of products - the main priority Of the group of companies "Bavaria". From the moment of Foundation of the enterprise step by step the effective system of step-by-step quality control of the let-out goods was under construction. The laboratory of the enterprise, equipped according to international standards, provides thorough control at all stages of the production cycle. The raw materials and materials arriving on production, all products are analyzed on a set of various indicators and parameters.


Company LLC "AGROFIRMA FAT" under the control of the managing organisation OOO GK PD Bayern Munich produces a wide range of products: beer, sugary soft drinks, iced tea, natural kvass of live fermentation, juice drinks "Fructova", mineral medical-table water "Kazbek Aqua", natural mountain spring water "of tbau". In accordance with the wishes of consumers, the range is constantly updated. Among the latest innovations line of premium carbonated drinks "Bavaria Premium "and sports drinks"TBAU Athletic".

The company is equipped with technological equipment of world-famous companies such as" KHS"," GEA"," Holvrieka"," Sacmi "" Krones"," Bardi"," AlfaLaval"," Bucher","Pentair".

High quality products under the brand name "Bavaria" marked by numerous medals and diplomas at national and international competitions and exhibitions.

High quality products under the brand name "Bavaria" marked by numerous medals and diplomas at national and international competitions and exhibitions.


LLC "PHAT-AGRO» - is another promising direction of the company "Bavaria". The company is engaged in the cultivation of grain and vegetable crops of elite varieties. Fields "FAT-AGRO" are located in ecologically clean areas of North Ossetia, which provides high quality products.

Selection works are carried out with the assistance of the best Russian specialized scientific institutes. On the basis of the company successfully operates the North Caucasus Regional center for the production of seed potatoes. In terms of equipment, this modern biotechnological complex has no analogues in Russia. Our experts can carry out effective diagnosis of any disease of potato and to grow a healthy source material.

Another large-scale project implemented by the company "FAT - AGRO" is the development of greenhouse facilities. The first harvest of "greenhouse" cucumbers arrived on the shelves in December 2014. In the following years, the company increased production volumes due to the reconstruction and increase in the area of the greenhouse complex. In the framework of the state program on import substitution, the industry of LLC "agro Fat" is particularly relevant.

LLC «Restaurants of Bavaria»

A modern network of restaurants "Bavaria" - a combination of Caucasian hospitality and European service. This feature of our institutions is not the first year conquers residents and guests of our Republic.

The secret of success of restaurants "Bavaria" is simple – a high level of service, impeccable quality and constant work to improve the skills of staff. The team of the restaurant chain "Bavaria" has repeatedly held leading positions at various international competitions and forums. Creations of our cooks do not leave indifferent even the most

picky jury members. Thus, at the international exhibition PIR Expo the competitive menu developed by our masters was recognized as one of the best in Russia.

A new stage in the development of the restaurant network was the opening of Russia's first interactive restaurant "NEO", which has no analogues in Russia today. The main feature of the restaurant was interactive tables, where guests of the restaurant are located. Around the world there are only three such institutions in Cyprus, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And several new ones are already being built-in Europe, North America and Asia.

Now the company plans to open a Grand restaurant complex in the national style, the construction of which is now in full swing.

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