Immediately after its appearance, plastic bottles have gained immense popularity among manufacturers of beverages and food, due to its low cost, light weight and wide possibilities of color design, plasticity. Currently, plastic bottles confidently pushed out of the food market glass and tin containers, due to the low cost of production, as well as the possibility of recycling.

Our company offers a wide range of preforms for plastic bottles, which serve as the basis for the manufacture of durable and lightweight containers. For the manufacture of preforms for bottles used material polyethylene terephthalate, which when heated becomes plastic, so that the method of blowing out of PET preforms obtained capacious bottles having the same wall thickness, having high strength. Plastic resistance to acids, alkalis, chemically active substances and bacterial cultures opens up broad prospects for the use of preforms for bottles for the manufacture of containers for motor oil, alcohol, sodas and juices, detergents, household tools, etc. Plastic demonstrates a high hygienic properties.

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