Ossetian cheese is one of the main products of the national cuisine. Made on the basis of natural milk and leaven, it has excellent taste and a number of useful properties.

Cheese contains protein, fat, vitamins, mineral and extractive substances necessary for a person. All this makes it indispensable in the diet. Our company produces three types of Ossetian cheese: unsalted (for pies), salted (for tea) and smoked Alan. Unsalted Ossetian cheese will be an excellent basis for pies. The filling will acquire a pronounced, delicate, creamy taste. Moreover, our product you can use when baking pizza or all kinds of cakes with cheese. Salty cheese is cooked for more than a month. After removing the cheese mass from the whey and molding, the product is dried for several weeks at a certain temperature and humidity. Only after that it is placed in a brine. Thus, cheese can be stored for a long time. Alan smoked cheese is also prepared according to the classical technology, then the product undergoes additional heat treatment-Smoking. In the manufacture of this type of cheese is not used preservatives and flavor enhancers, so this product is suitable for a healthy diet.

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