"Everything natural is delicious!"- the motto of our confectioners sounds.

"Bakery yard" was opened in 2008. At that time, the shop produced 15 types of cakes and pies. Along with the demand and supply grew. Today the confectionery shop of the Bavaria company makes more than 50 names of cakes, cakes and cookies.

The main feature of our products is the natural composition of products. All Goodies are prepared only from eggs, milk, sour cream, cream, butter, honey, condensed milk and wheat flour. That is why our pastries have a unique taste and aroma.

Air biscuits, sand cakes, pies and cookies, delicate eclairs will not leave indifferent even the most fastidious gourmet.

Also "Bakery yard" accepts individual orders for the manufacture of cakes. Our masters will be able to realize any of your imagination. Elegant wedding cakes, decorated by hand, will be a bright symbol of your happy celebration. A stylized Candy-bar, organized by our masters, will please with originality and variety of products. Muffins and gingerbread, pancake and cupcakes, cookies and meringues will be a great sweet addition to your holiday table.

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