Concrete-mortar unit is another promising direction of development of the group of companies "Bavaria". The concrete shop was launched relatively recently-in 2015. However, we already occupy a leading position in the local market. Our production differs in high quality and durability, and these are the main criteria at the choice of construction materials.

The company produces concrete of any brand (from 100 to 350) with the addition of winter additives (non-freezing). The capacity of the unit is 200 m3 of concrete per day, which allows you to perform large volumes of the order in a relatively short time.

In addition, the shop produces lime solution from Mozdok sand, which is indispensable for finishing works.

A new stage in the development of the enterprise will be the expansion of the product range. So, in the near future the shop will start production of paving stones of different colors and sizes, which will also be of unsurpassed quality and high resistance to mechanical and thermal effects.

Our contacts: Telman street, 74, t.: +7 918 827-34-45; +7 989 040-05-95

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