Bread is part of our national culture. Any table, whether it is festive or everyday, can not do without a loaf of fragrant bread.

"Bakery yard" prepares bread according to an old recipe with the addition of fermented hop brew. This ingredient perfectly loosens the dough, enriches it with useful enzymes and promotes proper assimilation of carbohydrates. Thanks to the leaven of bread for a long time retains freshness and good taste.

The range of baked bakery products is quite wide: white bread, wheat and rye, baguette, bran bread, lavash, branded bread "Bavarian surprise", as well as buns for hamburgers and hot dogs.

Sweet tooth we offer to taste the amazing rich products with poppy seeds, jam, cottage cheese, condensed milk. Our treats will be a great addition to tea with family and friends.

Also "Bakery yard" accepts individual orders for baking.

Come! "Bakery yard" is waiting for you! Vladikavkaz, street Tsalikov, 25, tel:8-929-864-15-85.

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